Meet the Board Members and Staff

MINISTER:  Rev. Deb Hill-Davis--Rev. Deb can be reached at, 515-490-3401


Susan Wolfe, Board President, 515-233-1613

John Anderson, Board Vice-President, 515-233-1613

Jim Trenberth Treasurer,  Susan can be reached at, 515-233-1613

JoAnn Charlson, Secretary, 515-233-1613

Clark Ford, Member, 515-233-1613

Elza McGaffin, Member, 515-233-1613


Lizmari Collazo,  Administrative Assistant.  Liz can be reached at, 515-233-1613

Su Podraza-Nagle, LUT and Youth Ed Director and Web Master.  Su can be reached at, 515-233-1613

Sally Hanna, Music Director, 515-233-1613

Barb McKelvey, Bookstore Manager, 515-233-1613

Jim Prouty, Custodian, 515-233-1613