Unity Fundraisers


Whether it's holiday stockings or undergarments for kids in behavioral treatment, to help feed the hungry, or for family pets who just need a leg up - Unity of Ames loves to give back to the Ames community in any way we can. Becuase of that, we have on average six fundraisres per year to try to continuously give to our neighbors. The fifth Unity principle states "we must live the Truth we know". And we know and practice an ultimate spiritual Truth -- to love thy neighbors as thyself -- contributing where we can lend a helping hand.

Our current fundraiser is to help the Ames Pet Food Pantry! Please join us in supporting this wonderful, very necessary cause.
"The mission of the Ames Pet Food Pantry is to provide pet food for Ames community members and students who are in need."
As we all know too well, many are struggling, needing assistance right now. Some are having to choose between feeding themselves and feeding their pets. Please help us help them not have to make that choice by making a donation today. Any size donation will help to purchase the much-needed pet food for our Ames community members.
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