Our Five Unity Principles and Affirmations

The Unity Five Principles

1. God is all there is and present everywhere. This is the force of love and wisdom that underlies all of existence.

2. Human beings are divine at their core and therefore inherently good.

3. Thoughts have creative power to determine events and attract experiences.

4. Prayer and meditation keep us aligned with the one great power in the universe.

5. It is not enough to understand spiritual teachings. We must live the Truth we know.


Unity Worldwide Ministries Affirmation

There is only one presence and one power in the Universe and in my life, God the Good, Omnipotence.


Unity of Ames Affirmation

Through the Christ Spirit in us, we create a better church and a better world, so be it!


Points of Light


Meaning - Caring; letting go and letting God; focusing on a higher consciousness; seeing the Christ within all.
Rationale - The starting point to providing a comfortable and inviting place to be. 
Action Steps - Showing up; listening; being open; allowing and feeling; rising above. 


Meaning - Working together; sharing leadership; leading when needed.
Rationale - Shared ownership leads to commitment.
Action Steps - Sharing decision-making; doing what you are called to do; being non-judgmental, helping each other learn to do sacred service.


Meaning - Accepting; respectful; non-judgmental; discerning.
Rationale - Helps to maintain healthy boundaries, a wealth of ideas, and a depth of awareness.
Action Steps - Being welcoming; getting to know each other in depth; getting beyond differences; getting to know and accept oneself; moving to higher consciousness.


MeaningWithin – caring for each other; Without – caring for those in the larger community.  Seeing the beauty and strength in others, seeing others’ gifts.
Rationale - Creates peace; builds understanding and fosters stability by using each person’s gifts; makes us aware of our oneness. 
Action Steps - Acting outside of ourselves; reaching out; reaching in through prayer and outreach; praying for each other; being aware of needs; being involved in interfaith and inter-spiritual activities; visiting those who are hospitalized; sending cards; posting signs of our beliefs; hugging others as they are comfortable with it; being there for others.


Meaning - Spiritual growth; spiritual evolution; learning; service; embracing all as good.
Rationale - Increases self-awareness and sensitivity to others; increases acceptance of self and others; creates open-mindedness.
Action Steps - Volunteering; serving on teams; reading spiritual material; taking classes; attending services; going on retreats; engaging in interfaith activities; praying; meeting transformational opportunities with courage and faith.


Meaning - Living in the flow of giving and receiving; forgiving; letting go and letting God; being grateful.
Rationale - Opens the flow of our good and provides opportunities for expression of love and creativity; establishes faith as our foundation. 
Action Steps - Tithing; expressing gratitude; blessing; praying; trusting; being open to receive our good; sharing our good.