The Joy of Divine Order- Su Podraza-Nagle, LUT

Midweek Faith Lift

The Joy of Divine Order

April 7, 2024

Su Podraza-Nagle, LUT

Our Daily Word today: “I delight in the glorious colors, fragrances, and arrangement of plants in the garden. I celebrate the imagination, the meticulous planning, and the diligent work that transformed a patch of ground, some seeds, water, and fertilizer into a beautiful, life-filled space.

I recognize the role of divine order in the creation of this garden, expressing through everyone who worked to bring it into being. It began as an idea in divine mind. Someone received the idea. Cooperating minds developed a plan. Willing hands prepared soil, planted seeds, then watered and tended the growing plants.

My spiritual vision perceives divine order, the eternal dance of mind, idea, and manifestation, expressing everywhere.”

We are like the plants in this garden. We began as an idea in Divine Mind.

We all come from different backgrounds. We express our lives colorfully with our spiritual journeys and life experiences.

And we had help along the way. Those many gardeners who were also expressions of divine order.

Our friends and family supporting us, walking with us as each of us grew together.

Some of us got transplanted into different soil and that’s ok too.

Who might be some of the willing hands in your life that planted seeds or ideas of divine order?

Who walked beside you as your spiritual journey unfolded? Those that nurtured your growth as the beautiful loving flowers/souls you are today?

Here is the joy of divine order. The friendships, the mentoring, the love and the support. Acknowledging the garden of you. The colorful flowers of your life experiences.

There is a divine and perfect order to all life. Our human perceptions sometimes need adjustment.

Divine order is asking what is next for us to do through prayer, and then trusting and allowing that process to take place. Listening to the still small voice, accepting and moving forward as if propelled by an invisible force.

“It is all in divine order.” Order is the law of Principle, of God. Mind, Idea, Expression. To those who are asleep to this Truth, it may appear as chaos. Truth is, there is a divine and perfect order to all of life.

Let me step off the garden path idea for a moment, and I’ll give a small simple and tasty example and see if you don’t agree. I don’t know who this message is for about baking but I’ve learned to go with it………..
Chocolate Chip Cookies. Something as simple as a recipe to make chocolate chip cookies. When creating these delectable delights, do we place a cookie sheet in a cold oven and expect cookies or is it recommended that we follow a recipe?

Order states, we preheat an oven, and mix ingredients together. There may appear to be a bit of chaos at this point when some folks may choose to “taste the batter.” I hear that’s not recommended. Next, bits of the mixture are then placed on a cookie sheet and into the oven. After a time, voila! Cookies!

The joy of divine order expressing as a warm, soft baked item to enjoy.
What was the lesson in divine order? Trust the process. But FOLLOW the process!

Divine Order may not flow according to our script or how we think the plan should be. But I often believe that we may experience more spiritual growth in the long run when ideas don’t follow our personal game plan. Notice I stated the words, “Our personal game plan.”

We make our plans for our life and then there’s God’s plan. Divine Order. Principle expressing through us, as us. If we aren’t prepared, if we aren’t awake to this truth, if we are living in sense consciousness, or ego driven, and personal will motivated, we may be surprised to see ourselves getting into similar life experiences and getting the feeling we have had those experiences before. Over and over……..

I’m sure we have all had moments like this. A life lesson which became real familiar because it happened over and over.

True story:

When I was in my 20’s, I was a young parent and cohabiting with someone I was sure was “The one.” There would be times when I would rail against God, the Universe, or Karma and just life in general for the rule book or at least life’s daily planner. Life was one hot mess with intervals of peace and quiet. I remember many times squeezing my eyes shut and requesting just a peek as to how a current blundering situation was going to have if not a happy ending, at least one in which the bills were paid.

Little did I know at the time, that even in my little, self- willed, chaotic corner of the world, divine order was present. Order which stated, this is a lesson on how not to live life or have a relationship and there will be a test.

Trust the process, but follow the process.

I eventually passed the test. It took a few remedial classes, but here we are, feeling the joy of Divine Order.

Would I have chosen to struggle less had I seen the rule book or the life planner? No. In my very human, sense consciousness way of living I was bound and determined to make life bend to my will. Or so I thought.

God laughed.

The joy of Divine Order expressing.

Getting back to our life garden;

We all have these soul opening moments when we realize our garden is divinely appointed, and it’s time to till the soil. To bring to light the seeds of imagination. Allow your splendor to shine in the joy of divine order.

Celebrate the joy of Principle knowing that you have been created in the image and likeness and are very good!

Recognize divine order in the creation of your garden, your garden patch of life. Express joy and love to everyone who supported you, walked with you in your journey of who you are today as a spiritual being.

Happy Planting!

Let’s sing our way into meditation

Settle back into your seat and release and tension-

This meditation is from the Daily Word 2016

I am in the flow of divine order……

Nature reminds me that there is a season for everything…………..

Bright red or yellow apples began as a compact bud or potential, unfolded into a beautiful springtime blossom and then matured into a luscious and nutritious fruit ready for harvest…………

Each stage of the apples development was orderly and essential for fulfillment……….

Order is also active in my life……

I am inspired with ideas that follow an orderly path toward fulfillment.

I give my ideas time to develop, nourish them with thought and consideration, and then take constructive action.

I seek God’s guidance and align my efforts with the divine order of the creative process.

I experience a divinely ordered flow as I grow in spiritual understanding.

Let’s take a moment in the silence to acknowledge the divine order in our life.

And as we come back to center-

For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven. – Ecclesiastes 3:1